The Go Green Movement: The Right Steps for Creating your Own Solar Electric System

The idea of solar energy started with environmentally-conscious individuals who protested against using unnatural sources of electricity to generate power. Today, the movement has turned into something else. Actually, many people are now starting to embrace solar energy as a viable option for generating power in new constructions and renovation units. The best solar energy companies are even providing governments with energy to enable them to power their self-contained systems, thus preserving energy. If you live in Australia and you’re looking for the best Gold Coast solar repair and solar panel installation companies, you should do a background research on those firms that have been involved in solar technology and construction for a longer time. By finding reliable firms for solar panel installation and solar repair in Gold Coast or any part of your locality, you can secure decent equipment for utilizing green energy for your own household. However, this is not the only viable source of green energy. Many companies also offer do-it-yourself solar panel kits to let you customize the solar electric system of your choice based on your household’s green energy needs. This article features the appropriate steps you can take to make your own solar electric system by hand.

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Why should I build a solar electric system?

Many people are now discovering that solar energy can be utilized in many applications. The best solar energy firms now like Gold Coast solar repair and solar panel installation companies lease and offer discount programs. These cheap Gold Coast solar repair and installation packages make it affordable for individuals and business that want to adopt the idea of going solar. The services offered by solar installation and solar repair Gold Coast firms can actually let you save money on your power bills by a large margin. However, this option requires initial investments that will pay off in the long run.

How to create your own solar electric system:

The initial investment for hiring efficient Gold Coast solar repair and installation services is not your regular electrical problem bill. It costs considerably high, but this initial investment is required for you to save money in the long haul. However, if you still wish to go even lower on the initial costs, you can go DIY. If you wish to design your own solar electric system, it pays to be prepared. Here are the basic steps involved:

Step 1

Determine whether you will need to tie your solar electric system into the existing power grid or you wish to design it for use off the grid. This will depend on your precise location and how near you are to a power line.

Step 2

Calculate how much sun your area gets and whether there are any obstructions which may cast shadows on your solar panels.

Step 3

Determine the output of the panels you wish to use based on their capacity and how much sun they will receive, the battery you have in mind, and the inverter your home will require.

Step 4

Prepare a contingency for those times when the sun does not shine enough to produce adequate power. If you are on the grid, it will mean paying for electricity through the power company. If you are off the grid, it will mean using alternate forms of electric power such as generators. Please visit