3 Great Fundraising Ideas For Kids You Can Start in Your Community

Fundraising when done right and with a great cause backing it to help children is a great project to be a part of. If your community does not have its own fundraising ideas for kids, it usually takes one person to spark a little interest and motivation in others to get the ball rolling.

The following ideas are a few fun ways you can start your own fundraising ideas for kids Australia wide, around your community, school or workplace.

Art Sells

If you are an amateur artist, photographer, sculptor, weaver or just really creative, you probably know by now that art is always appreciated by people from all walks of life. Instead of directly asking for donations, you can think of some great fundraising ideas for kids by giving people something to remember their good deed that goes a long way. When thinking of some of the best fundraising ideas for kids think about the children themselves. If the children you are raising money for have motor skills and a great imagination, teach them a skill that will not only help raise money but can be a part of their growth as well. Children’s art makes great calendars and holiday greeting cards that are appreciated by everyone. Weaving or making bracelets can give these children a sustainable skill later as well. Children love clay and can make small figurines to be given as commemorative gifts to anyone who donates as well.

Organic Baked Goodies

There are not that many people in this world who can say no to a brownie, cupcake or coffee cake. Indulging your donor’s sweet tooth can be scrumptious fundraising ideas for kids where children can help you decorate the various desserts that have been made by you. Remember that people generally prefer organic, so you may want to include better ingredients in your budget where your returns will be far more. Local farmers’ markets love helping out organizations that are raising money for kids and may be able to donate or give you great deals on fresh fruits you can use to top your desserts with.

Surprise Boxes

Surprise boxes are not a new trend, however, they are a great marketing tool for a lot of businesses who want to grow their customer base. Think of children’s products or toys and contact each company individually to see if they are willing to be a part of your fundraising project. Small businesses love donating their brand to good causes because it helps with community relations as well as being part of a good team. Your surprise boxes can vary in size from the amount that is being donated and usually parents will buy more than one for their own kids.

You can come up with other great fundraisers for kids like hosting a movie night at a local theater that would be able to sell tickets for less for a particular movie or even organize a community pet bathing project where pet owners can come in and donate money while kids play with their dogs. For other great fundraising ideas for kids in Australia, you can visit websites like http://www.mrshowbags.com.au.