3 FAQs about Family Dental Health in Australia

A family that keeps up with their oral care together stays healthy together. Fortunately, that’s easier now as some clinics now provide a wide variety of services for both parents and children. You can check out a good example here: https://www.familydentalcentre.com.au/.





Now, the question is, when is the best time to start bringing kids to the dentist? How often should you go?

Check out the answers to these questions—and more—below.

When should your child see their dentist for the first time?

You don’t need to wait until they’re already of school age to bring them to the dentist. Experts recommend doing it as soon as the first teeth begin to appear. Therefore, they should already have their first visit before they turn two years old.

In Australia, many kids develop tooth decay as early as 6 years old. Early monitoring can help prevent this issue. You can also keep track of the growth and alignment of the teeth.

If your child has a malocclusion (or teeth misalignment), should you get them braces as well? It depends on the age and the condition.

Some dentists may advise you to wait until they have permanent teeth before you consider it. In certain situations, they may be necessary, especially if they hinder proper speech and chewing. Visit Family Dental Centre to learn more.

How often should you see a dentist?

There’s no exact rule when it comes to the number of visits you have to make in a year. On average, though, children should see their dentist at least twice annually. That’s once every six months.

Adults, meanwhile, may need to do it at least once a year. Only your dentist can tell you the best interval, and it may also change depending on the condition of your oral health. The fewer problems you have, the less likely you need to see your dentist often.

Is dental care free in Australia?

The answer is both yes and no. Most children can take advantage of child dental benefits if parents or guardians receive an eligible payment from the Department of Human Services.

These include youth allowance, disability benefit, family tax benefit part A, and parenting payment. These may cover a part of or the entire cost of the dental service. Note, though, it’s only for children between 2 and 17 years old. See more here Family Dental Centre

Adults may also have free dental care if they hold a Medicare concession card, and they are already receiving a pension or unemployed. The benefit may only be for emergency purposes.

Depending on your family’s needs, it may be ideal to complement public dental care with private insurance. You can consider co-pay or make it an add-on to your family health insurance.

Although it may mean higher health care expenses for the family, you may end up spending more if you don’t take care of your teeth. If you wish to know more about family dental health, you may talk to professionals here: https://www.familydentalcentre.com.au/.

Either way, please know oral care is more than having beautiful teeth. It’s about reducing your risks for other health diseases and maintaining an excellent quality of life.